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Closing In: Barney’s Daring Escape


A Button (Z): Talk

Directional Pad (Arrow Keys): Move

Start (Enter): Pause

Closing in is a new game for the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

You are Barney, a dog in a world that is running out of space. An unknown power is swallowing the world whole, and to survive you have to move!

Rumor has it there are scientists that can reverse the damage with Vacuum Stabilizer parts. But, the world is collapsing beneath your feet, so you must travel quickly while collecting them.

Can you make it out alive?

ps: The web-based emulator isn’t that good. If you know how, please download the ROM and play it on an NES emulator, such as Mesen or FCEUX.

If you want to make something like this yourself, it’s easy to get started! Check out nes-starter-kit.


Source Code

Rom Download


Ludum Dare Page

(Also, yes, it really runs on the NES)