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Feline Flood Fiasco (LD 50)


Feline Flood Fiasco is a new puzzle game for your NES! It was built using Retro Puzzle Maker with some custom C to make everything just a little bit more unique!

You’re in the basement of a cat hotel, and a flood is coming through! Climb up through 20 levels of hotel, saving cats along the way. You can delay the water filling the rooms with blocks, though the flood is inevitable. Can you escape with all 50 cats?


  • Control pad (arrow keys): move
  • A button (z key): Enter stairs without all cats
  • B Button (x key): undo last move
  • Start button (enter): Pause

NOTE: If you get stuck, you can restart the level in the pause menu. (Please let me know so I can fix it though!)

A note on playing the game in your browser

The web-based emulator isn’t that good. It has a bit of trouble with choppy sound, and other minor issues.

If you know how, please download the ROM and play it on an NES emulator, such as Mesen or FCEUX.

Game Download

Source Code

Rom Download

Ludum Dare Page

Retro Puzzle Maker


This was built using Retro Puzzle Maker – a puzzle making tool you can start without any code! (Disclaimer: I changed the engine using C to add the water effects)

I actively support it – don’t be afraid to reach out if you have questions or thoughts!

Other tools used:

cc65 By Ullrich von Bassewitz

NESLib by Shiru

Nexxt by FrankenGraphics

NES Space Checker (nessc) by Shiru

Famitracker by jsr


2BitCharactersGenerator by 0x72

2Bit Tile Generator by me



Past the close of the competition I probably won’t be checking comments on this page much. However, feel free to reach out to me other ways! If I do anything with this in the future I’ll be sure to share there too. Thanks for stopping by.

Does it really work on the NES?

You’d better believe it!

(ps: Yes, I know my desk is really dusty. I’ll take care of it soon!)