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Dream Dog Dilemma (LD49)


A Button (Z): Interact

Directional Pad (Arrow Keys): Move

Start (Enter): Pause


Dream Dog Dilemma is an action/puzzle game made for the Nintendo NES!

You were asked to participate in an experiment by a scientist that seemed
slightly off. He offered to let you play with his puppy however, and it was
just two minutes, so you put on the visor.

You immediately find yourself in a new mysterious world, with no way to
escape. A few days pass, and you realize this experiment may not end on
it’s own. It’s up to you to explore this world and find a way home!

You didn’t even get to play meet the puppy yet!

This is another somewhat mindless fun game – I hope it’s as fun to play
as it was to make!

NOTE: If you get stuck, you can restart from the last checkpoint in the start menu. (Please let me know so I can fix it though!)

A note on playing the game in your browser

The web-based emulator isn’t that good. It has a bit of trouble with choppy sound, and other minor issues.

If you know how, please download the ROM and play it on an NES emulator, such as

Mesen or FCEUX.


This was built using nes-starter-kit – an open source game building toolkit for the NES! I maintain it actively, so please give it a shot.

Other tools used:

cc65 By Ullrich von Bassewitz

NESLib by Shiru

Nexxt by FrankenGraphics

NES Space Checker (nessc) by Shiru

Famitracker by jsr


Tiled by Thorbjørn Lindeijer

2BitCharactersGenerator by 0x72

2Bit Tile Generator by me

Development Time Lapse Video

I made a short video showing progress in the game over the weekend – check it out here.

Game Download

Source Code

Rom Download


Ludum Dare Page

(Also, yes, it really runs on the NES)