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Waddles the Duck

Waddles the Duck is a NES game created for the NESDev 2016 coding competition. It was completed on 1/31/17, and included on the multicart from that year.

I would recommend downloading and play the game this was based on, Eversion over this one, but it’s here if you want it!

The basic story is, you are a duck taken out of his own timeline, trying to find his way home.

Download the ROM

Source Code


  • Control Pad (arrow keys) – Move.
  • B Button (Z) – Run
  • A Button (X) – Jump
  • Start (Enter) – Pause menu
  • Select (Spacebar) – Teleport

Cartridge Details:

  • Mapper/etc: UNROM (vertical mirroring)
  • 64k PRG
  • 8k CHR RAM