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Burning Ship Fractal

This is a simple program to draw a random selection from the Burning Ship Fractal over the screen by modifying the value of one of the three primary colors.

It was written for a contest on a gaming forum that had a strict time limit, so the code is not not as polished as it could be. It used to select from a fully random part of the fractal, however this led to a lot of blank fractals and was removed before the contest ended.

It is provided with full source code, and can be compiled using Visual C# Express edition. Running it requires the .NET framework version 2.0 or higher.

Note: A Windows screensaver of this program is also included, however it is suggested that you avoid using this as an actual screensaver, as it uses too much processing power. It is processor-intensive, and your computer will probably get angry. If you compile the program yourself and want to recreate the screensaver, simply change the extension of the file to .scr; this is dealt with in the code.

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