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Fluffy Space Escape (LD 40)

Fluffy Space Escape is a turn-based puzzle game for the NES.

The year is 2248. You are a rabbit that has been transported into space after a teleporter mishap. You must fight your way through space to find your way home.

A series of teleporters can get you back. These teleporters are powered by gems. However, these gems are extremely heavy! The more gems you have, the slower you are able to move.

Can you get the bunny back to earth before the end?

If the screen above is blank, your browser does not support the emulator. It works in Firefox and Chrome, but others are iffy. Please download the ROM, and try it with an emulator such as fceux.


  • Direction keys: Move
  • Start: Pause (and restart level)

Fluffy Space Escape was created in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 40. The theme was “The more you have, the worse it is”. In my case, the more gems you have, the slower you move – meaning enemies are more likely to get you.

Ludum Dare Entry

Rom Download

FCEUX (Suggested Emulator)

Source Code