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Through Dimensions


A Button (Z): Interact

Directional Pad (Arrow Keys): Move

Start (Enter): Pause


Through Dimensions is a new action/puzzle game for the Nintendo NES. (Yes, really!)

One day, while tending to your garden, you notice an odd cloud, hovering near the ground. “What’s this?” you ponder, unaware that this cloud might just change your life.

Travel deeper and deeper (:wink:) through various dimensions in an attempt to get back home.

Don’t forget to collect the gems as you go. Rumor has it you can buy your way back to reality!

This is not a deep emotional game like my last Ludum Dare. After the way 2020 and 2021 went, I needed a real escape. A weekend of carefree game creation seemed like the perfect ticket.

There’s no underlying theme or anything- this is just a self-indulgent fun project. I had fun making this, and I hope you’ll have as much fun playing!


A note on playing the game in your browser

The web-based emulator isn’t that good. It has a bit of trouble with choppy sound, and other minor issues.

If you know how, please download the ROM and play it on an NES emulator, such as

Mesen or FCEUX.


This was built using nes-starter-kit – an open source game building toolkit for the NES! I maintain it actively, so please give it a shot.

Other tools used:

cc65 By Ullrich von Bassewitz

NESLib by Shiru

NES Screen Tool by Shiru

NES Space Checker (nessc) by Shiru

Famitracker by jsr


Tiled by Thorbjørn Lindeijer

Game Download

Source Code

Rom Download


Ludum Dare Page

(Also, yes, it really runs on the NES)