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Dizzy Sheep Disaster

NES game for BitBitJam #4. Rough idea is you’re a sheep with a powerful magnet in his body. He is pulled towards another magnet, and his only way to stay in control is to cling… to the velcro that’s inexplicably spread throughout the world! For this sheep is made of velcro!

Jam theme: Velcro Sheep

Jam restriction: You can use one key to control your player! (A button in this case)


  • A: Cling to velcro (Z on emulator)
  • Start: Pause (and restart level, if needed – this *shouldn’t* be necessary… but it’s better than having to restart the game if I have a level design bug.)

Rom Download


BitBitJam4 Entry on GameJolt

Try it in it’s current state: (pulled directly from latest build on circleci)