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Isle Quest


This page documents the development of an NES game. It’s a random pet project that I work on when I have a few free hours now and then. Right now it’s buggy but functional, and contains an over world and one dungeon.

Development of this game is paused indefinitely.


Remember: This is an alpha game. It WILL have bugs!

Note:  The game shown above is based on the last compiled version of the game. If I do something dumb, it can break. If that is the case, please try again later. (or an old version)


  • Control Pad (arrow keys) – Move.
  • B Button (Z) – Use Item
  • A Button (X) – Use Item
  • Start (Enter) – Show Menu
  • Select (shift) – Save menu

Version History


Credits in-game may be more accurate for older versions. Access by going to the save menu and choosing credits. (Or beating the game, one day!)

Graphics: (All graphics should be considered placeholders.)

Cartridge Details:

  • Mapper/etc: MMC1 in a SXROM-like configuration
  • 512k PRG
  • 32k CHR RAM


  • Software: Famitone 2
  • Sounds: All custom-made. (Hence why they stink!)



Download (embedded version doesn’t work at the moment)

If you need some resources, check out OpenGameArt – they have a lot of freebies available for just this sort of thing.

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