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Arcade Machine

From the front

From the front

I’ve always been into classic gaming, and when I was younger I loved going to arcades. At some point during college I stumbled upon someone’s project to convert an arcade cabinet to be connected to a desktop computer running emulation software, which ignited my own interests. With some searching and some free time, I was able to find a Golden Tee cabinet with monitor problems that someone was giving away. I jumped at the opportunity, and a fully functional gaming arcade cabinet was the result.

The Cabinet



The cabinet started as a Golden Tee 2005 machine with monitor issues. The internals were replaced with a modern computer and a 24″ LCD monitor.


  • Processor: 3Ghz AMD Athlon 6000+
  • 4GB DDR2 RAM
  • 250GB Hard Drive
  • Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS (320MB)
  • OS: Windows XP (You don’t see it though)
  • Monitor: 24″ LCD
  • Speakers: Creative 2.1 (Gotten at Wal Mart… surprisingly good quality/fit)

Control Panel

Control Panel

Control Panel

The control panel was completely rebuilt to be a 2 player game pad with a 4-way directional stick and 8 buttons per player. The coin slots are also operational (there’s a free-play button too; it’s just for show) Control panel image is from GameOnGrafix.


  • Frontend: AtomicFE
  • Additional:
    • Joy2Key – for those pesky keyboard-only games
    • Some small custom utilities
  • Emulators:
    • MAME
    • Project64
    • Gens
    • Stella
    • Zsnes
    • Dolphin
    • nullDc
    • VisualBoyAdvance
    • pcsx2
    • epsxe
    • Various Computer Games (Doom, Sonic Robo Blast, etc… hopefully Audiosurf)


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